Holé Molé

In heart of the Pearl District in Tulsa, you'll find a culinary gem that is a true testament to the beauty and authenticity of Oaxaca-style cuisine. This hidden treasure is inspired by a group of incredibly talented women who have collaborated with the Three Sirens team for many years. Led by the esteemed Chef Manny, they have created and executed an exquisite menu that pays homage to the distinct flavors of various regions throughout Mexico. Every plate tells a story, narrating the rich culinary traditions and capturing the essence of Mexican gastronomy. Prepare to embark on a remarkable culinary journey as you indulge in the vibrant flavors and artfully crafted dishes at this extraordinary establishment.

Menu and Location

Holé Molé

1302 East 6th Street, Tulsa, OK 74120

(539) 664-5635


Sun-Mon: closed

Tuesday - Thursday: 3pm - 9pm

Friday - Saturday: 3pm - 10pm