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Locally Owned, Community Driven, Devotedly Inclusive 

We believe in creating an atmosphere that's undeniably fun and welcoming. Our spaces exude instant comfort, thanks to our sincere approach.

Right from the start, inclusivity, kindness, and respect are at the heart of who we are. We firmly believe that being genuinely good not only enhances the experience at our restaurants, but also elevates the overall aesthetic. Beyond mere service, we strive to build lasting friendships with our guests, creating bonds that stand the test of time.

What Service Means to Us

At 3 Sirens Restaurant Group, service goes beyond the mere act of providing food and drinks.

It encompasses a collective effort to serve one another, working together as a cohesive team. We are deeply committed to serving our community, ensuring that we support those in need and contribute to their well-being. And of course, our dedication extends to our guests, who are more than just diners at our establishments. We strive to create an environment where they feel genuinely welcomed, valued, and safe. Our commitment to service is at the heart of everything we do, as we recognize that it is the cornerstone of a truly exceptional dining experience.

History -

A Note from our Owner

“We started with one humble concept born from necessity - Bramble Breakfast and Bar. Coming from a background in restaurants and bars, it was only natural for us to dive deeper into this challenging industry. And once that initial spark ignited, ideas started flowing. With the good fortune of having creative and hardworking individuals around us, these concepts started taking shape. Of course, some stayed on paper for a while, but eventually, they blossomed into reality.

Throughout our journey, Three Sirens has faced numerous restarts - both literal and metaphorical. From navigating the challenges of Covid to making ownership adjustments and additions, we've evolved and adapted along the way. Our hope is that this spirit of constant evolution always remains. We believe that growth should have no bounds, propelling us towards an ever-brighter future.

Cheers to the never-ending journey of growth and joy!”

~ Johnna Hayes
    Three Sirens Restaurant Group